Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Want to Fund Some Indie Horror?

The DIY movie-dream is now a reality thanks to donation-based funding companies such as Kickstarter and the increasingly popular Indiegogo. Everyone from game designers, authors and directors are using these tools as a direct link to their core audience to fund their next project.

Dawn of Dracula is a Hammer-esque comedy horror from the lovely crew and stars of Iowa's Midnite Mausoleum. These guys are looking for $5,000 in fan funding, with no minimum donation amount. You can help out, view a teaser trailer, and see all of the perks for your contribution at their Indiegogo Page.

Next up is Tales from Morningview Cemetery, an anthology film being produced in Atlanta, GA. It also features the horror host with the most Professor Morte in a "cryptkeeper" role, tying all of the shorts together. This project is looking for $7,500 in funds and time is running out! To view a special video from Morte, donate or check out perks click here!

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